Wednesday, November 20th, in Huntington

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Are you open to new ideas?

Chuck Marohn, founder of, will be speaking at Marshall University Foundation Hall in Huntington at 6:30pm Wednesday November 20th.   He is both a planner and a civil engineer, and is nationally-known for his strategies to use productivity or a “return on investment” mindset to make decisions on funding public infrastructure.

Instead of pretending that the United States is still in 1952, Marohn points to cities built before World War II as a model our society needs to revisit.  These cities—like Huntington—were built without state or federal subsidies.   If they weren’t financially viable, they didn’t last.

Check out the Strongtowns website and see if it’s the kind of thing you might be interested in.  If so, I’ll see you there.



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