Shoes in the Park

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This past summer I was privileged to attend the weddings of two of my nieces, Hope and Hannah.  Both took place in the greater Cincinnati area, one in Covington, Kentucky and the other in Fairfield, Ohio.  Both weddings were beautiful and my nieces married great guys, Jonny and Rob.

Hope’s wedding in Ohio took place at the Fairfield Community Arts Center, adjacent to Village Green Park, which served as the setting for the post-wedding photographs.  It’s a really beautiful park with lots of water, lush landscaping and interactive sculptures. For a photo-op, it was hard to beat.  Even an amateur like me was able to capture some halfway decent images.

It’s obvious that more than a few bucks were spent on Village Green Park.  With all the spraying water, it seems perfect for kids.  And there are nice spaces for adults, too.

There will always be kids at Village Green Park. And a dog. Always.

But here’s what I left the park thinking about.  I was there on a perfect summer evening, and yet, if you subtract the visiting wedding party, there were only a handful of people in the park.  It made me wonder how much it’s really used. I know it’s hard to judge a place when you’ve only been there once for about twenty minutes, and maybe more visits would reveal a different reality.  I hope that’s the case because a park that nice needs to be enjoyed by lots of people. And as you can tell by the photo below, the wedding party had a good time.

Village Green Park inspires play even in older kids.

What about you?  Where do you like to go to hang out and be among other people?  Is a beautiful park with lots of cool features enough to attract you?

Photos by the author.

  1. What terrific photos!

    The place I most recently felt really great hanging out with others in community was in Lexington, VA. It was a very uncomplicated space, a little village green with stone paths and beautiful little benches tucked off to the sides of those paths. There was a wrought iron gate around the green, and it sat at a 4 way intersection of a historic district. My husband and I canoodled there waiting for our brunch place to open. We could just sit there and people-watch, as well as keep an eye on the front door of the place where we wanted to eat.

  2. Don’t have any, but will try to capture next time I swing through!

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